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To test our network, we have both a looking glass and a speedtest server which you can use to review the performance of the network.

Looking Glass

Our looking glass can be found here:

Main features:

  • ping
  • traceroute
  • mtr
  • rerouting, although we always make sure there is no congestion on our uplinks, we can not guarantee this outside our network. For this reason you can use our looking glass to alter the route to potentially achieve better performance, you can do this through an automated process, which is called rerouteintel, you can initite this by typing reroute -i -y in the terminal and letting the tests run. 
  • You may also be able to reboot your PC using our looking glass.

Speedtest Server

Our speedtest server can be found here:

From our speedtest server you can download test files, which are listed on the page.
Our server is also listed on, you can test to/from it by using this link: and running the speedtest.
Or using WiFiMan Speedtest: 

We also provide iPerf3 IPv4 and IPv6 test endpoints, for more info see our page. 

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