How do I report Abuse?


If you wish to submit an abuse report, please email NovoServe’s Abuse Department, with the specific details regarding the abuse in question. Please be aware that we only process valid abuse reports completed according the instructions described in this document.

NovoServe takes matters of abuse very seriously and makes every effort to work with reporters of abuse to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. In an effort to automate our abuse management system, we utilize AbuseIO ( to automatically import/assign/report content. If your report doesn't end up in AbuseIO, it is because the system was unable to parse your email. Non-parsed abuse will end up in our abuse queue for manual review, and therefore may take longer than normal to be addressed.



We require the following details in order to process cases of abuse:

  • The report must be sent in plain-text, so the text of the report cannot be submitted as an attachment, such as a .zip, .doc or .pdf file. This is done to enforce our security procedures.
  • The report must include an email address and the name of the submitter.
  • The report must include a valid IP address owned by NovoServe and announced by our network AS24875.
  • The report must include a piece of evidence, such as logs, screenshots, URLs, or data from external websites.
  • For specific cases like IPTV and live video streaming, we require a screenshot as evidence.
  • The report must be written in English.
  • The report must present only one case of abuse; for abuse involving multiple URLs or IP addresses we require multiple submissions.
  • For trademark infringement we require the trademark registration details.
  • For copyright infringement we require a link to the original content.
  • For hacking-related abuse we require network-related logs.
  • We process DMCA reports only through plain-text.

Abuse case submissions that do not comply with the afore-mentioned requirements, will be automatically discarded.



Once an abuse case is received, we will forward it to the NovoServe customer (in most cases a NovoServe reseller). The customer must comply within 48 hours according to our Acceptable Use Policy. If NovoServe's customer fails to comply within the given timeframe, we will null-route (black hole) the reported IP.



Send your completed abuse complaint to the following mail address:


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