3 security measures so you can focus on video streaming and interaction

  • 30th September 2022
As you are focused on your streaming business, producing content and reaching your audience is the main goal. At NovoServe, we put security right at the core of our business, so you don’t have to worry about the safety of your infrastructure. The growth of streaming is endless. Video interactions are not only more frequent than ever before, ...
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Webinar: How to manage high volume with minimal latency?

  • 8th September 2022
How fast is lightning-fast? To become a streaming leader, you want to manage high volumes of viewers with minimal latency. A few years ago, the world of streaming focused on reducing latency to single-digit seconds. Now, we are talking about milliseconds. On November 22th, in our webinar, we show you how to: tailor your systems, ...
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