VPS Hosting and Building VPS' on Novoserve Bare Metal Servers, A Comprehensive Guide

  • 22nd November 2023
  A Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a hosting service that allocates users a dedicated portion of a physical server, which is partitioned into multiple virtual servers. Each VPS operates independently, with its own CPU, RAM, storage, and bandwidth resources. Why Choose VPS Hosting Enhanced Performance: VPS hosting offers improved performance ...
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Bare Metal vs Cloud: Workload Allocation in Streaming & Video Game Industries

  • 10th November 2023
Technological leaps have reshaped infrastructure management in the streaming & video game sectors. These areas need robust computational prowess, instant scalability, and low latency. Cloud assures scalability on-demand, while bare metal guarantees dedicated resources without virtualization overhead. Here's an overview of workloads suitable ...
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Environmental Impact of Data Centers: A Matter of Concern and Action

  • 7th November 2023
Environmental Impact of Data Centers: A Matter of Concern and Action Data centers play a crucial role in the modern digital age, serving as the backbone of our increasingly interconnected world. However, their rapid growth and energy-intensive operations have raised significant concerns about their environmental impact. Here we will delve into ...
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