3 defining trends you need to be thinking about

  • Thursday, 25th May, 2023
  • 11:03am


I love technology, because there’s always something new to discover and learn. And as I see it, we’re on three major paths of discovery and learning at the moment. Firstly, we need to scale up because bare metal hosting is growing and increasingly competing with cloud infrastructure. Secondly, automation is changing how we build, configure and sell bare metal hosting. Finally, saving power has become even more of a necessity than it already was.


These are the defining trends in bare metal hosting right now, and these trends will define the near future of our business. But don’t expect me to tell you exactly what that future will look like, because I don’t know. Besides, I’m not interested in predicting the future. I’m interested in building it. In this article, I will break down these trends for you and give you my vision of where things may be headed. I would love to hear your take on these, so please send me an email herke@novoserve.com with your thoughts.


Herke Plantenga, CEO




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