Significant Further Growth Expected in 2019, New Engineering Job Vacancies

  • Thursday, 7th February, 2019
  • 11:44am

As a venture capital-backed IaaS hosting provider with company-owned datacenters in Doetinchem and Enschede as well as co-located #datacenter presence in Frankfurt, Germany, NovoServe sees exceptional growth in 2019 for its custom-engineering focused European Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) operations. This significant customer growth now requires us to expand our IaaS hosting engineering team in Doetinchem, the Netherlands. Here, we currently have two new engineering #job #vacancies.

Herke Plantenga, co-founder and CEO of NovoServe

Yes, we’re doing something right obviously. It’s probably our commitment to high-customization of the #server infrastructures being deployed as well as our willingness to go the extra mile for customers, by offering #engineering testing environments for example. It may also have to do with our smart European network-backbone architecture and our efforts to achieve the highest network-uptime and low latency experience for customers. And yes, the high value for money IaaS hosting customers can get with NovoServe may also play a role in this.

Anyway, as said, we are currently experiencing significant customer growth and we expect the NovoServe organization to show continued growth rates during 2019. That’s why at this moment we are looking for new engineering colleagues, a Network Engineer and a System & Cloud Engineer to be more specific.

As NovoServe is growing at a fast pace, we will add more vacancies to our website in the coming weeks and months. We expect to add vacancies for new sales account managers for example as well as business development managers for our expanding NovoServe sales department. Stay tuned for more info on our new vacancies.

Vacancies: Network Engineer, System & Cloud Engineer

The new Network Engineer at NovoServe will be responsible for solving network problems on computer systems. It involves analyzing and solving issues and reporting on them. This engineer will be responsible for network maintenance including backup, spares management, documentation and IP address management. He/she will also provide new network services and take care of configurations (equipment configuration, testing and administration), while supporting the development of new IaaS hosting products.

The new System & Cloud Engineer at NovoServe will primarily be responsible for solving technical issues on computer and virtualization systems (2nd line engineering support). This involves analyzing and solving issues and reporting on them. This engineer will be involved in system maintenance such as backup, spares management, documentation and OS management. He/she will also support the development of new products, the deployment of new systems and taking care of the configurations: equipment configuration, testing and administration.

IaaS Hosting Customer Growth Segments

We see further growth for NovoServe in 2019 in a variety of industries across Europe and beyond. These industries include the following: Hosting, SaaS, Gaming, Ecommerce, and Big Data, as well as Startups. For our new engineers to be recruited it means they might be working on IaaS infrastructure for a hosting provider from Israel for example, or for some startups located in Berlin, Germany. They might also be working on an IaaS engineering testing setup for a cloud gaming technology provider, as we did a few months ago.

    • Hosting – One of our growth areas, actually the market segment with the fastest growth rate at this moment, is the hosting provider industry. The fact that we own our data centers in the Netherlands caters to the custom-engineered IaaS infrastructure needs of Cloud Service Providers (CSPs), Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and other hosting resellers and value adding channel partners.


    • SaaS – Another growth area for NovoServe includes the market segment for Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) providers. NovoServe’s cross-border network-backbone in the Netherlands and Germany provides our SaaS clients with a blend of Tier-1 carriers for true global access. NovoServe also offers in-house access to various Internet Exchanges including AMS-IX, NL-IX, Asteroid Amsterdam, SPEED-IX, and NDIX, allowing SaaS providers to further optimize their network routes.


    • Gaming – The online gaming industry is an area of growth where our custom-engineered, high-performing IaaS hosting solutions are very much appreciated as well. For a cloud gaming startup from Israel for example, NovoServe’s engineers recently deployed a testing setup with deviant configurations in one of our company owned and operated data centers in the Netherlands. Our engineers are keen on selecting the best dedicated servers and packages for these gaming clients and build client-specific configurations.


    • Ecommerce – As an international IaaS hosting provider, we are used to serve a wide variety of ecommerce customers across Europe and beyond, many through resellers, MSPs, CSPs and other channel partners. These ecommerce clients include Magento webshop owners with resource-intensive, business-critical applications and demanding requirements towards their hosting environments. We are serving these clients with scalable bandwidth volume, uptime SLAs, client-specific engineered hosting solutions, as well as 24/7 professional engineering maintenance and support.


    • Big Data – Last week, five European horticultural regions were calling on ICT companies to help them share production data and process big data. By making better use of data, the regions hope to make the production and transport of horticultural products more efficient. This is just one example of a vertical very much interested in establishing big data solutions in 2019. From our IaaS hosting point of view, this often requires custom-engineered, high-performing hosting solutions, as it may result in I/O or CPU intensive tasks.


    • Startups – We have noticed that tech startup scenes around the world are flourishing. Many of these startups are in need of flexible hosting setups as well as engineers supporting them with custom configurations. That’s probably why NovoServe may reckon quite some tech startups to its customer base including startups from Europe’s ‘Silicon Allee’ in Berlin.
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