Bare Metal vs Cloud: Workload Allocation in Streaming & Video Game Industries

  • Friday, 10th November, 2023
  • 18:37pm

Technological leaps have reshaped infrastructure management in the streaming & video game sectors. These areas need robust computational prowess, instant scalability, and low latency. Cloud assures scalability on-demand, while bare metal guarantees dedicated resources without virtualization overhead. Here's an overview of workloads suitable for each:

1. High-Performance Computing Tasks
Streaming: Tasks such as 4K video encoding prefer bare metal for its consistent high-speed computation.
Gaming: Game physics simulations garner benefits from dedicated servers' raw performance.

2. Stateful Applications
Streaming: User databases operate better on bare metal due to consistent I/O and reduced latency.
Gaming: Player account databases enjoy the stability of dedicated hardware.

3. Global Content Delivery
Streaming: Cloud services and bare metal providers with global networks like CDN solutions are perfect for global distribution.
Gaming: Game patches utilize the cloud's dispersed nature for minimal latency.

4. Dynamic Scalability
Streaming: Cloud platforms shine during unexpected traffic spikes.
Gaming: Matchmaking servers scale with demand using cloud services.

5. Development & Testing Environments
Streaming & Gaming: Cloud environments, set up or dismantled quickly, allow cost-effective testing of features or updates.

6. Data Analytics & Machine Learning
Streaming & Gaming: Cloud platforms enable efficient data processing for viewer behavior, game balance analytics, and predictive modeling.

7. Storage Solutions
Streaming & Gaming: Both bare metal and cloud are essential, but cloud storage offers more scalability for your short term storage needs.
Large libraries with a little bit of planning are best for 36 bare metal storage servers.

8. Disaster Recovery
Streaming & Gaming: Cloud solutions ensure business continuity by replicating workloads across regions.

To sum up, the optimal approach often blends both bare metal and cloud. This integrative model offers dedicated hardware power with the scalability and wide reach of cloud services. The trick is aligning workload needs with the right infrastructure. Feel free to share your thoughts. What use cases interest you most?

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