NovoServe Now Has 2,000+ Dedicated Servers Under Management

  • Thursday, 6th December, 2018
  • 11:41am

December 6, 2018 - It’s just a start for NovoServe and definitely not representative for the full spectrum of IaaS hosting services delivered to our clients, but we’re quite proud anyway to announce that we’ve achieved another milestone along our path toward further European growth. Since NovoServe was founded in 2015, we now have more than 2,000 dedicated servers under management for clients across a wide variety of countries.

Author: Martijn Akkerman, Business Development Manager, NovoServe

After completing our latest server count last week in NovoServe’s data centers in Doetinchem and Enschede, in the Netherlands, as well as in Frankfurt, Germany, we found out that that we’ve passed the number of 2,000 dedicated servers running. For NovoServe it means we’re on the right track to meet our objectives for balanced business growth.

Further growth on a European scale is important for us. It ensures our clients that we’re able to grow with them, even when instant dedicated server provisioning at scale is what they require. For our regional customers, a balanced business growth means that NovoServe will be able to maintain its competitive IaaS hosting price/performance ratios now and in the future.

Aiming for substantial company growth is a direct result of the market proposition we’ve chosen. Our dedicated server offerings are predominantly aimed at Cloud Service Providers, Managed Service Providers, Systems Integrators and others planning to build their services on top of our IaaS hosting infrastructure. Scale is important to let these reseller hosting providers and value adding service providers succeed and create profitable business cases.

16,000 Virtual Servers

At the same time we have rounded up our virtual server count, which now exceeds 16,000 virtual servers running. Our virtual servers can be considered as private clouds in NovoServe’s highly secured, company-owned data centers, also because the underlying infrastructure allows these virtual servers to dynamically adapt to client-specific requirements. Although our dedicated servers are uniquely equipped to flexibly adapt to client needs as well, NovoServe’s virtual server offering provides both small and large organizations an even greater advantage when it comes to flexibility, simplicity in server management as well as cost-efficiency.

With 2,000 dedicated servers and 16,000 virtual servers under management now we’re still a relative small IaaS hosting player on the worldwide stage of course, I know. But we’re quite a young company too with a highly scalable IaaS hosting infrastructure available set for significant growth.

Virtu Secure Webservices B.V.

Our company founder and CEO knows what it takes to build a successful, fast-growing company, as earlier on he co-founded Virtu Secure Webservices B.V. - a data center services company with three data centers located in the Netherlands. This company made it to the prestigious Deloitte Technology Fast 50 list three years in a row, in 2005, 2006 and 2007 respectively. With its flagship data center actually being a refurbished former bank building including an atomic bomb shelter, Virtu Secure Webservices was acquired by Equinix in 2008.

The difference between NovoServe and Virtu Secure Webservices B.V. is the fact that we’re an IaaS hosting provider focused on delivering dedicated servers, while Virtu was a company doing primarily data center colocation - in line with Equinix’s business proposition (although Virtu did have a few thousand dedicated servers under management). It means that NovoServe’s market proposition is potentially an even more scalable one, as with our dedicated server deployments we’re able to instantly and flexibly add complementary co-located data centers to our owned data center portfolio. It also means that I expect to be able to provide you with an upward adjustment of dedicated servers being provisioned at NovoServe relatively soon.

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